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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 2.0.0
Virtualization score 60%  (5)
Created 20 Oct 2015
Size 69.1 MB
Downloads 2761
Play sessions 19
AppVirt engine 3.0.1395.0


LibreCAD is a free Computer Aided Design (CAD) application for 2D design.

LibreCAD offers:
1. Coordinates
2. Drawing lines
3. Rectangles
4. Circles
5. Icons
6. Moving a line
7. Changing Line Properties
8. Dimensioning and text
9. Drawing a leader line
10. Adding Text to a Drawing
11. Layers
12. Command Line
13. Pan and zoom

LibreCAD uses the AutoCAD DXF file format internally for import and save files, as well as allowing export to many other file formats.


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