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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 2.7.2
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Publisher JabRef Team
Created 7 Oct 2015
Size 21 MB
Downloads 1271
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AppVirt engine 3.0.1395.0


JabRef is reference management software that uses BibTeX as its native format. It has an easy-to-use screen intended for enhancing BibTeX records, intended for importing data from online scientific databases, and for managing and searching BibTeX files.
1. Produces fully BibTeX-compliant output.
2. Easy editing, searching and viewing of reference entries.
3. Advanced grouping feature for organizing reference entries explicitly or based on keywords or general search terms.
4. Customizable BibTeX key generation
5. Customizable export filters
6. Search functions: Search a pattern in the whole bibliography.
7. Customization of the JabRef interface
8. Translations


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