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Date 3 Oct 2015
Size 77.8 MB
Downloads 1690
Cameyo engine 3.0.1395.0



Marble is a virtual globe application which allows the user to choose among the Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars and other planets to display as a 3-D model. It is free software.

Using Marble software user can enjoy the following features:
1. Look for addresses and places of interest. Marble takes care of querying various search backends and presents their results in a unified view.
2. Start exploring the world. View clouds and sun shadow, follow satellites and space stations and display their orbits, all updated in real-time.
3. Traveling back in its history and also discover more about historic views of our planet using maps through earlier hundreds of years.
4. Various Map presentation: Globe View, Atlas View, Street Maps, Satellite Maps, Topographic Maps, Educational Maps, Other Planets, and Further Maps.



  • Marble: %Program Files%\Marble\marble-qt.exe
  • LICENSE: %Program Files%\Marble\lgpl2.txt