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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 2.0.2
Virtualization score 66%  (3)
Created 1 Oct 2015
Size 148.9 MB
Downloads 1942
Play sessions 14
AppVirt engine 3.0.1395.0


Visual music composition and notation program that supports a wide variety of file formats, which allows you to share and publish scores in the format that best meets your needs.
Features :
1) MuseScore's major goal is the development, The item supports many varieties of notation, which include jazz cause sheets, and prints or exports top quality imprinted sheets and publishing of various varieties of musical technology scores inside a "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" natural environment. MuseScore's notation engine conforms to industry notation standards.
2) Notation may be played again over the built-in sequencer and also test collection. Other test libraries inside the SoundFont data format will also be installed from the user. Chorus, reverb as well as other results can also be backed through playback.
3) MuseScore natively supports linked parts in addition to portion extraction, MIDI enter, endless staffs, percussion notation, cross-staff beaming, automatic transposition, lyrics in addition to a multiple numbers of verses. This functionality involving MuseScore might be further extended with the help of its plugin program.
4) Scores may be exported from MuseScore to many different file types, including WAV files – this preserves as much subtlety (dynamics etc.) as the program is able to communicate.


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