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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 2.1.4
Virtualization score 100%  (2)
Publisher LyX Team
Created 1 Oct 2015
Size 138.7 MB
Downloads 2354
Play sessions 59
AppVirt engine 3.0.1395.0


LYX is a great advanced open source record processor. It is a good document processor, since unlike the official word processors, LyX encourages a way of writing based on the structure of the documents, not their appearance.

Lyx provides numerous features such as
1. Automatically numbered headings, titles, and paragraphs, with table of contents.
2. Text is laid out according to standard typographic rules, including ligatures, kerning, indents, spacing, and hyphenation.
3. Standard operations like cut/paste, spell-checking.
4. BibTeX Support
5. Table Editor
6. Math Editor
7. Ability to import various common text formats.
8. Ability to natively export the document


File Types

    .lyx, .lyx13, .lyx14, .lyx15, .lyx16

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