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Created 30 Sep 2015
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Klavaro Contact is incredibly efficient and also faster inputting software. This help individuals to work with computers on a daily basis as fast as possible with the keyboard, and programs like Tutor can be really helpful.
This available with four levels-
1. Basic Course: a fundamental kind of training is available pertaining to memorizing the actual tips positions around the computer keyboard.

2. Adaptibility: These level use all the keys randomly, to help you to practice using all the keyboard. It's named adaptability exercise because it develops the capacity to adapt your typing skills to any kind of strange words that may appear in some texts.

3. Speed: one achieves velocity on typing when the environment is well known, or, when the words come from one's own language. That's why these exercises focus on velocity. And even if your language isn't supported by the application, you still can indicate texts in any language to include the words contained there.

4. Fluidity: with these exercises, one works typing complete paragraphs, with good sense sentences. Typing mistakes aren't accepted: the user must correct them with the backspace key before be allowed to go on. Especial attention is given to the typing rhythm, which must be as uniform as possible. Just like the velocity exercises, this one here makes possible to load any text files, independently of language.


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