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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 6.5.1
Virtualization score 100%  (1)
Publisher Giorgio Tani
Created 19 Feb 2018
Size 28.3 MB
Downloads 2298
Play sessions 33
AppVirt engine 3.1.1483.0


PeaZip is a file archiving tool, allowing users to compress one or more files into a single archive file, as well as uncompressed an archive file. PeaZip also provides a feature of file manager, for organizing and finding files on a computer.

PeaZip allows users to run extracting and archiving operations automatically using command-line generated exporting the job defined in the GUI front-end. It can also create, edit and restore an archive's layout for speeding up archiving or backup operation's definition.


File Types

    .001, .7z, .ACE, .arc, .arj, .balz, .bz, .bz2, .cab, .CPIO, .DEB, .DMG, .gz, .HFS, .LHA, .lpaq1, .lpaq5, .lpaq8, .lzh, .paq8f, .paq8jd, .paq8l, .paq8o, .pea, .PET, .PUP, .quad, .RAR, .RPM, .SLP, .tar, .taz, .tbz, .tbz2, .tgz, .tz, .wrc, .xz, .z, .zip, .zipx, .zpaq

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