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Amazon DVD Shrinker

Amazon DVD Shrinker
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Type Virtual app (Cameyo)
Version 2.6.2
Virtualization score 82%  (169)
Publisher Amazon Multimedia
Created 1 May 2012
Size 4.4 MB
Downloads 25417
AppVirt engine 2.0.759.0




  • Amazon DVD Shrinker: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\Amazon DVD Shrinker.exe
  • aspiinst: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\Winaspi\aspiinst.exe
  • buynow: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\buynow.url
  • help: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\dvdshrink.chm
  • homepage: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\homepage.url
  • readme: %Program Files%\Amazon DVD Shrinker\readme.txt